A Philosophical Day-2 New Awakening

D: The concepts are already connected. Sexuality, private property, violence stem from the desire to control. Why don’t women like good men? This is the burden of history, In the nature, the man who can do evil protects and keeps alive. At least they survived and reproduced. The reason why we like women with bare legs and make-up is our past. If we remember the color of a woman’s cheeks and lips during sexual intercourse, we will understand that cosmetics are an advertisement for sexuality. In other words, it is a dishonor that exploits most hypostructures. At least we are a continuation of these. As a matter of fact, life is a continuation of dishonor, and I wonder if a narrative of good can emerge from this evil.

Y: You also say, look, we are the continuation of this. You describe these as if they were a burden, but these are good burdens. Without these burdens, life, that is, us, would not exist. We strive to legitimize and rationalize this burden with the sunnah and narrative. You, on the other hand, act destructively because you want to be an advance structure and do new things.

D: Destructive or constructive through destruction? I’m trying to be honest. Why do you justify the desire for control in the name of love, wouldn’t it be better if we honestly considered it an act of violence?

Y: In your opinion, which society raises its children as products of violence? It’s not going to happen.

D: The other one is also dishonest. The woman says she loves someone else and the leaves her decent husband and runs away to the dishonorable. However, there is no love, she shows this behavior because she follows her ancestors and background without questioning. In other words, the problem is that they do not question and therefore stay in the animal hypostructure, looking like humans.

Y: Isn’t breathing also an reartructure?

D: It is now a stabilized hypostructure, we can change the rearstructure, of course, as the rearstructure changes, the hypostructures may also change.

Y: What will replace then? How will the economy be formed?

S: Yes, weaknesses create movement, but don’t we speak for ourselves? When it comes to ordinary people, all kinds of disgrace can happen in the stomach.

A: Yes, I wish we had defined in the beginning,

D: We will never get along unless we play the same language game. I am not in your language game and you are in mine.

Y: You have just given a brief history of the concepts. Don’t go to extremes so that I can catch up with you and understand you.

S: Who wants to be understood? I want to understand.

Y: Don’t people understand collectively? How will you understand if you break away from us? Moreover, after a while we will call you crazy.

D: Aren’t we all crazy compared to other creatures? What would I write if it were me?

A: I don’t think you will like this, we have said many times that we are extremely social. Also there are always limits you can’t touch.

D: Ah, those limits that disappear when touched.

Y: Which limit? No one touches it.

D: For example, women’s rights were a limit, we touched them and they became the norm.

Y: There was supposed to be a limit, then it became unnecessary.

D: That’s what I’m saying, property is such a limit, therefore violence, therefore sexuality. It will disappear when touched. There will be no illusion left. In this life we live, we play with limits to see what happens, but once we exceed them, there is no point. What are the limits in spacetime? Are we stuck with these childish limits?

Y: Of course we are, how will you touch the extreme limit if the infrastructures you complain about do not serve as a ladder?

D: I also say that if we analyze enough, there will be no limit. At least we can get rid of these primitive limits.

Y: Without the successful business model that you call the primitive limit, for example sexuality, most people’s lives would have no meaning. Most children are not born, who has children to take care of?

D: It is really a very difficult job, I would never do it in my life.

Y: It is necessary to do it because it is a duty, and it is a sunnah. Close meaning.

D: I would like to respond to this argument with a pessimistic reservation. When you say duty, you may ignore your mind and continue with the nonsense. We are the continuation of evil, our ancestors, who were instrumentalized, followed an abuse as duty.

Y: On what grounds do you claim this?

D: As you just said, we look after ungrateful children for years and then they don’t like us and turn their backs.

Y: Is it better if it stays with us for life? In order to leave, he must be ungrateful and dislike his guardian. Because the infrastructure was established this way, new families could be established and new discoveries could be made.

D: What do you think about babies’ routine behavior of lying, slandering and hallucinating since the first months? It’s like they were born to cause harm.

Y: I did not say that children are perfect human beings. Let’s say children are like that, but are people like that? Isn’t that interesting? For such an evil being to turn into a good person like you.

D: Do you think I’m a good person?

Y: Of course, you are honest and give sincere answers. What could be better than this!

D: Thank you, but I don’t think you are honest enough. For example, you agree with the arguments of religious people and appear to be one of them.

Y: Why don’t you breathe under the sea?

D: That’s why I can’t get it.

Y: That’s right, I don’t breathe through skin either, that’s how the game was set up for me.

D: But you can rebel, even if not against breathing, against religious people.

Y: I also can not, but I can focus on other things by playing in this knowledge system. So not everyone aims to produce knowledge in the advance structures like you, mine is more about teaching and disseminating knowledge. I may be skeptical to produce, but I have to use simple explanations for its propagation. I can’t be bothered to change my breathing, it doesn’t matter if I breathe through my skin, I have more important problems.

D: Yes, the difference in our perspectives can be seen here too. What is hypostructure, rearstructure and what should be hyperstructure and advancetructure. So who are we and who should we be, in other words what are we continuing and what do we want to continue. I guess that’s the real debate…

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