A Philosophical Day- Arouse

M: Wake up, sleepless, look at the time!

D: What’s going on?

Y: Well, you have set up the tent again, it is time for marriage.

D: You insult me by thinking I need this outdated institution.

Y: From what I see, your body wants to get married. Look at this, yours is up before you. It’s literally a tribute to the institution of marriage.

D: My body wants what my ancestors wanted, I don’t. It has nothing to do with sexuality either. A parasympathetic response of the autonomic nervous system occurs during REM sleep.

Y: Again, you are trying to get away by blaming your rear structures and taking refuge in terms.

D: You don’t understand, this is not me; It didn’t start with me. The lives of my ancestors follow me.

Y: So where are you going?

D: I shape my own advance structure.

Y: Brother, do you want to make love or not?

D: My body wants it, but somewhere in my mind I hate it.

Y: Trying to be different, you know that if you are too extreme, you won’t “be” at all, right?

M: Guys, let’s have breakfast.

D: I don’t want to eat it either, but my ancestors ate it.

Y: You eat, but you want it.

D: I can’t help it. Neither eating nor reproducing nor breathing.

Y: If you can’t help it, how are you too cool about it?

D: I have the remaining part in my hand. I am trying to fix it and change the advance structures after me.

Y: You know that if you advance too far, you will be out of life, right?

D: Who decides what is too far?

Y: We, all of us. Up and down, back and forth. We measure each other like an army and advance together with the rear and advance units. Some of us die, that’s the nature of the job, but we keep going.

D: Don’t you think marriage has become obsolete in this army?

Y: We are talking about a successful model, all of the structures you call old are actually successful.

D: Murdering is, violence and deception is successful; Your ancestors were successful, but in committing crimes and covering them up.

Y: How did you come here from physical needs? Moreover, the purpose of what he says changes its nature. You can make anything a crime depending on your perspective. Food is murder, but not the food that is for humanity.

D: Why don’t you marry a wise and experienced person from the nursing home, but prefer girls with make-up and headscarves? Or why don’t you consider your prophet as a terrorist, even though he does the same thing as terrorists?

Y: Since I am young myself, I prefer young. And I think we have sorted out the headscarf issue. The prophets, or as you call them, the visionaries of the past, saw the position of women in society and took precautions. As you see, there is a difference from a terrorist.

D: But you ignore that people can change, and their perspectives too.

Y: This does not change. This is a social limit, sexuality will not cease to be a limit.

D: It will come out, and so will ownership. There will be no sexuality. Violence will even be erased from the vocabulary.

Y: I don’t understand how you connect these concepts.

To be continued…

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