Are humans most intelligent? or the most stupid to claim it?

When individuals claim to be most intelligent, we ignore them and have a pity for them for their mental problems. Yet, when it’s for mankind, it doesn’t sound weird that we’re the only intelligent species. Superior, Aryan kind of beings that have a word above others. Why would an individual need this claim? Definitely not for intelligent purposes but the other way.

We don’t have any grounds to claim that we’re intelligent. The definition of intelligence is arbitrary and the classification itself is just for otherizing and excluding purposes. It doesn’t amount to anything other than declaring others unhuman, they’re not like us. We can’t even agree what intelligence is, though we use it on a daily basis for other parts of the nature and the cosmos we live in. Besides, we even deem some species of humans less intelligent than us. How fascist and alienating!

Our descendants, if they somehow survive this farce, will be surprised by our intelligence claims. How does a species become “more intelligent- superior” to others without the others knowing it? Ours is a private speech, a monologue to one’s self.

Apart from that, future generations will be shocked with the fact that we ruined the planet in a few decades. We’re definitely superior in that. The dumbest one, who destroys the nature that It’s part of. Publicly, openly, and proudly. Proudly unintelligent. Maybe there are other kinds and species but I doubt that they do it under the name of “intelligence.” It’s like bombing oil rich countries on the pretext of democracy”

Intelligent for what? Do you know the aim or the destination of the life? What are the qualifications of existence? All Claims of intelligence are just blind firing. Surely, riding vehicles 30 times the size of one just to save 10 minutes is intelligent. 10 minutes for what? More destruction.

For which noble purpose are you spending the limited resources? Where are you rushing? You won’t be happy there, if you’re not happy here. Apparently, you only need justification for your destruction, your absurd activities. The car, the speed and consumerism will make you forget the stupidity that you’re committing. Bigger and showier things are needed to cover up bigger absurdities.

When you go deep into it, it comes to a point that our ability to control becomes the proof of our so called intelligence. Is a controlling personality a sign of intelligence? Hardly. Are the guns a sign of intelligence? quite the opposite.

If the ability to kill makes you intelligent, viruses are more intelligent. And beware, you don’t know who controls humanity. Just like the animals that we’re able to “control,” Some other entity may be controlling us. Taking us from our barns, herding, sacrificing us. If you insist on this intelligence contest, you’re the dumb one, You have the possibility of being the farm animal.

If you’re reading this from the future, maybe a post apocalyptic community, you’re perhaps giving us the look but remember we’re your ancestors. That means you’re probably evil too. Yes we’re bragging about consumerism and capitalism. I know that looks like a murder that we got away with.

Your ancestors were murderers, get on with it. You may be good though. Just don’t alienate the nature or anybody else. Everything is connected, every piece is crucial. Even the evil and dumb kinds such as the “homo sapiens” as we call it today. Rich people were losing money(an artificial tool of power), you can blame them.

We can’t also claim that we’re the most stupid or the suckers of the universe but my purpose is to pull the rope to the other side. One other thing to note is we also have people that are so caring to the world that you can melt into tears upon sight. There are people who don’t destroy the nature for money.

There are people who adopt handicapped animals. There are people who love themselves, at peace with themselves and don’t need to show off through garbage. There are people trying to be harmless rather than intelligent. And I think we can hold out the hope until the last minute just for their sake.

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