The only win-win outcome is through love

The best kind of relation is mutual gain, right? In all negotiations we look for intergrative bargains. Yet no negotiation ends up without lose. Two sides may gain better outcomes, however there is always a price to be paid. The only relation that has no price, no cost at all is through love. Love is the ultimate win-win situation. Both sides win and their cost is again profit.

In economy we have the basic predicament of gaining the upperhand, however being the lowerhand also has its advantages; having quit the rat-race for example. Losing is another kind of winning. What do we gain by losing or being inferior? Whatever you gain from losing in a childrens game as an adult: the love and the sympathy for the other party. We’re not ideal super beings to let go life once, we’re real and we all have desires. We won’t let it go for now. So, if you have to win, if you have to make profit, you’ll do it with mutual benefits. Moreover, if you can choose a type of relation, an occupation, choose love.

If you have the capability and the opportunity to choose; you should always choose an interaction of love. In love everybody wins. Through love, everybody accomplishes. From love, more is produced than the expected. Towards love everybody is willing. On love, everybody is expert. Out and past love, return rate is the highest.

We think of business deals as win-win situations. Yet, business costs us material, labour, opportunity… There is always a losing party, if not the business makers; for example the environment and excluded subjects such as the other market actors. In contrast, when there is love; that is unconditional surrender to each other, there is an unexpected return: more love and no cost gain.

The only win-win outcome is through love, through disinterested giving up. That seems magical and ironic, but that’s the way of life. The absence of love creates more love; in contrast to anxiety and interest. It’s best that we surround ourselves with love, so that we get more than what we invest. That’s like the fusion generator of human relations. It seems like a miracle, indeed it’s. We had it with us all the way. We were just too focused on external events to notice our inner miracles. If we re-focus ourselves, we’ll see that we have what we sought for.

Only superiors can love. They should have the ability to choose to love, we cannot deem compulsion as love. Animals don’t pet us, we pet their primitive behaviours. Pet mean people, show them unconditional affection because you’re over that game. You’re superior, thanks to you not being only you but a super structure as well: Instutition, society, conceptual level, ideal level, humanity and above…

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