Why do we need a philosopher? Why is the philosopher important?


Philosophy is defined as the study of better thinking, and a theoretical and methodical activity rather than technical, empirical knowledge. In other words, philosophical skill is not acquired from books, it must be experienced as an activity. Maybe reading the history of philosophy or logic will help, but it is not possible to say that one does philosophy without putting it into practice; It can be said that he is talking about philosophy.

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Philosophy, in ancient Greece, derived many sciences and knowledge as a study of knowing better and aiming at knowledge, and removed them from its area of ​​responsibility over time. Only general and fundamental problems, speculative issues that cannot be measured and turned into a technical field remain. In such a case, we can talk about speculation rather than knowledge of philosophy.


On the one hand, we must look at the acquisition of philosophical skills. The knowledge, competence and experience of philosophizing are learned in a personal, implicit way. We can say that the philosophical texts read from the book do not mean philosophy unless they are applied to life. We can immediately say that the subject of this discipline, whose possession is based on its practical application, is important; not anecdotes from the books.

From the beginning the philosopher was against past narratives, ancient knowledge, especially the treatment of myths as constants. Philosophers cannot talk about fixed philosophy, definite philosophical knowledge; it is obvious that they will approve of the current understanding of “philosophy as an activity” an activity of doubting all the time. Moreover, we must state that knowing better, standing in one place as the love of wisdom and being static is the opposite of this activity. This would be an another reason to have a philosopher nearby.

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The subject of philosophy is important, and philosophy is a dynamic activity. The need for philosophy, the effort to know better is also necessary. In the changing world, there is a need for a philosophy and a philosopher who constantly controls the changing conditions. If there is a need for philosophy, there is a need for philosophy rather than the information of philosophy. Moreover, when it is considered that everything can be known with its reference and frame, you know that there will be a need for someone who will test references and assumptions and highlight reductions and errors.

While everyone is dealing with information, it is necessary to have a subject who takes it as a duty to deal with the information itself. Individuals have a limited capacity to focus in life, just like the focus in seeing. While it is possible to spend them on certain knowledge and professions, it is also a necessary task to focus on philosophy, which is a meta-analysis, a second-order thinking about all knowledge. For this, you have to do this work for the rest of your life. Because we gain some problems and second-order thinking habits by constantly doing them. It is one of the works that we do not find meaningful without diving into it. It is to analyze the game, it does not make sense in the rules of the game itself.


We need philosopher to look at the big picture insofar we have a habit to focus on one thing and disregard other things as an opportunity cost. Most of the time this philosopher does not feed on the Greek tradition and is not even called a philosopher. Better knowledge of the general is an attitude of people who tend to make theoretical speculations systematically. Although his name is not a philosopher, such a subject is needed because he is a “cultural person, a person who specializes and ignores other things”.


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Saying something new is possible by walking around the borders. A tip of innovation, being creative is possible with the activity of the philosopher. Being a theoretical speculator also includes a conflict for the creation process to take place. If the opportunity costs and creative destructions are tolerated by the society, that is, a civilized society, the philosopher’s outputs turn into surplus value.

In our age when we have become an information society, we need a philosopher who will test knowledge and a person with this attitude in the environment. We can also say that change is accelerating and we need to think instantly and to keep this accumulation with us as an activity. The subject of philosophy is gaining more importance in our age. Too much information requires too much questioning.


We are increasingly globalizing and falling into popular illusions. Dissident thinking as a subject that destroys assumptions, a wisdom-loving philosopher as a responsible person who tests knowledge are necessary in every environment. Even in his ivory tower, a philosopher contributes as the innovative end of humanity – at least – as a concept developer that plays with words or as a pioneering vanguard of new ideas.

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